This programme will focus to certified technician about proper method of install the Airconditioning unit according to DAIKIN Standard and good practice of flaring. The main objective of this course is to uplift and certify participants’ skills and knowledge in Residential Air-Conditioner installation. Participants will learn the professional methods and etiquette during installation works. This also includes the implementation of flaring, wiring, and piping connection process using techniques and tooling based on Daikin Japan’s standard. Participants will also learn about Inverter Air-Conditioner, R32 Refrigerant, and important checkpoints required before, during, and after installation works that will affect the performance of an air-conditioner without disobeying safety aspects. In overall, participants will be able to deliver a professional and high quality work and will be worth to customers and also fellow technicians. Participants who pass the assessment will be awarded with the ACCT – RA Installation Certificate.